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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 28, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a new bipartisan agreement. >> and later this hour, your backstage pass to the capitols, wizards and mystiques. dave ross sits down with zach leoness. >> and you still have an hour to lend your life's experience and an ear. it is mentoring monday today and local organizations need your help. it is easy to make a difference. just call 202-895-3307. we're going to check back in with holly and the volunteers in a little bit. good morning i'm sarah simmons. allison seymour has the day off. >> i'm tony perkins. and this wintery mix has created a dreary morning. gwen is live outside our studios in northwest washington. >> still a little bit of light rain here. seen some of the cars wit the wipers going. not as heavy as it was earlier today but things messy in about all of our neighborhoods. we have
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quite a bit of the freezing rain and the light rain. our radar is up and you can see the widespread rainfall that's across many of the areas. this is all expected to turn to rain through the day. the pink you see is a combination of the sleet and the freezing rain together. and that's going to continue. but this is going to continue to push its way through and into the evening commute. still might see a little bit. and off and on. not a total wash out today. but it is chilly out here. advisories still until affect. freezing rain advisory in affect until 10:00 a.m. garret county maryland has a winter storm warning in affect. quarter inch of ice expected there. i'm telling you i'm feeling it out here. it is nippy. only into the 30 s everywhere. our forecast for today, a high of only 41 degrees today. and still talking about the freezing
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rain and the sleet was lingering and starting to push out. happening quickly right now. talking about a chance for spotty showers. some fog will be kicking in tonight if you have anywhere to go. we have a warmup coming. the temperature will warmup tomorrow and more on wednesday. let's check in now with melanie. she's in sterling, virginia. >> reporter: hey, gwen. things are looking good here out in route 7. traffic's been moving right along here all morning. we only saw freezing rain in the early morning hours around 4:30 this morning that we had dry spots and then it came over to rain and mostly stayed rain. things on the roadway looking good. but it's spotty around the area. depends where you go. we know vdot is reporting their icy conditions in stafford county, prince william county is clear.
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they are seeing granular ice on the roadways. go over to 270 and mdot is recording sleety conditions. 270, 370 near the american legion bridge. it does depend where you are, where you are traveling. very important to just be aware and cautious of that. you can go on to the mdot web site and the vdot web site. they have mobile sites where you can go and check the traffic conditions before you head out. we have also seen in some parking lots and sidewalks it is starting to change over to mostly wet areas. but earlier, there were some areas where you could slip and slide a little bit on the parking lot and the sidewalks. you want to be aware of that and be careful. we are seeing road crews here. they have some sand. looks like they are just coming along the side roads here. the service roads just to give us that extra pass. he's putting some sand down there.
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just in case. we want to make sure everybody stays safe on the roads here. and for more on the latest road conditions go now to julie wright. >> all right. i hope you are staying warm out there. on the roads as we just saw that crew making their way around, do not pass the crews. they are doing their jab and putting traction out there for you. let's pull up our cameras and show you what else is happening out there. you will find you are dealing with the wet pavement. that fog is starting to move in and that's going to hinder visibility. in better shape than expected. still questionable areas such as sidewalks, parking lots and bridges, ramps and overpasses. for a late rush hour, we're looking pretty good inbound through manassas headed for the capitol beltway. 395 across the 14th street bridge, still an easy driefsh. problems northbound on the gw parkway. that has cleared.
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also the crash for sterling tying up the left side of the road and wrapping it up out of german town. southbound along 270 lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you. this morning's weather forced a lot of schools to keep the doors shut for two extra hours. we have posted a complete list of closings and delays on you can also find them scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> and remember you can track the weather where you live and you can share your weather photos and more with fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, ipad or iphone. search for dc weather in the app store. >> the big story this monday morning besides the weather, a bipartisan group of senators reportedly reached an agreement on a new immigration deal. >> announce details later on today and wisdom martin is back
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now with details. >> worked for years on the issue of immigration reform. and now they are set to unveil some of the main principles of the sweeping legislation later on this afternoon. >> progress on reworking the nation's immigration laws as a bipartisan group of senators agrees to key goals. according to a draft of the plan, the law makers will call for securing the boarder, creating an effective employment verification system and a guessworker program for low skilled workers. >> we are committed to a comprehensive approach to finally have an immigration law we can live with. >> the most controversial aspect is a proposed path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million immigrants in the united states. following the november election when 71% of latino
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voters supported president obama. some are opening up on to the idea. >> give you a straight talk. look at the last election. we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. and we've got to understand that. >> one of the key senators involved is florida republican and potential 2016 presidential candidate marco rubio. adheres closely to ideas including tougher boarder security before a pathway to citizenship is created. >> i think those rubio principles do a good job of adhering the principles and respecting the law. >> an announcement on the deal is expected today at 2:30. we'll have the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. president obama has made immigration reform one of his top priorities. he is scheduled to travel to nevada tomorrow to layout his vision. sarah and tony back to you.
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>> thank you. the gun control debate is also heating up. today president obama is meeting with police chiefs from three communities effected by mass shootings in the past year. then on wednesday, the judiciary commit. his plan includes a ban on assault weapons. limit on high capacity magazines and expanded background checks. gun rights advocates suggest the move infringes on second amendment rights. >> now to a developing and just horrible story out of brazil where officials continue to investigate the cause of a deadly night club fire. 233 people were killed. hundreds more hurt. witnesses say the fire was sparked by a flair or fire work set off by a band member inside the club. one of the exits was locked trapping the victims inside. most died from smoke inhalation.
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we spoke by phone edwardo. supposed to be a night for college students. >> it was like a fundraiser for up coming graduation. and they were kind of celebrating the beginning of the term as ll as gathering money for graduation later on. and people now are very concerned on how safe their children are where they are going. mind you, this was a very well-known and respected night club at that town. >> the fire's being called the deadliest night club fire in the world. the mayor declared a 30 day mourning period. president mohammed morsi declared a state of emergency. more than 50 people have been killed in the latest round of violence. morsi has not
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followed through with reforms in 2011. >> that is a message from a young kid president. people need to quit being lazy and make a difference. hear his inspiring message straight ahead. >> plus, if you want to make a difference in a life, you can start right now. call 202-895-3307. volunteers from several organizations are ready to take your call. holly is going to check in with them live after the break. >> but first, if you choose credit over cash, listen up. could soon cost you more each time you swipe that card. 9:10. we're back after the break. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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or get this great price with no annual contract. last chance, this deal ends february 2. visit that's once you've got fios, you get it. and according to pc mag... [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it. talking to you today. this is your time. this is my time. it's our time. we can make everyday better for each other. we're all on the same team, start acting like it. we have work to do. >> wow. these are some wise
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words from perhaps a future president. the three minute long message is part of a youtube series called the kid president. his latest is called a pep talk. the video has received 800,000 hits. >> yeah. good advice. >> i like that. i like it. organizations are looking for help this morning. >> it's the annual mentoring monday. and holly morris is in studio b where volunteers are taking calls from people who want to help. good morning. hope the phones are ringing off the hook. >> reporter: we are. can we get that kid in here to help inspire? i think he would get response. we have been getting some responses though. about 190 calls so far this morning. so listen, let's see if we can get over that 300 mark by 10:00. that's my challenge to you. kyle bacon is here to help me talk about it. he is with the u.s. dream academy. good morning to you. how have the phones been for you?
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>> the phones are picking up and continue to call in particularly men to call in. men get a bad rep and don't want to show up. pick up the phone and call someone else. >> are you saying there are men out there that are willing to make the commitment? >> absolutely. i've seen it firsthand and there are more of them. they need encouragement. call another brother or someone from church. someone you may work with. encourage them to call in. all the organizations that you see here it including u.s. dream academy can benefit. >> prove all those nay sayers wrong. >> dream academy they are a national organization. we work with children who have incarcerated parents. one of the fun things is live everyday along with mentors with academic skill building. we get to have a fun time each and everyday and
9:16 am
our mentors are a huge part. >> if people are going to be mentors, they come and work at the center? is. >> absolutely. >> people are like where do i mentor. >> site based center in southwest dc. it's a lot of fun. it's a live environment every afternoon. we're having a lot of fun. >> you know what i love about the u.s. dream academy is it is helping break the cycle. >> absolutely. >> right. which it can be broken. and second of all, it's helping kids learn to dream. >> absolutely. you are absolutely right . and our mentors folks living their lives day-to-day. we don't need you to be super man or super woman, bringing in your talents and interests into the center, that helps bring the dreams alive and makes them believe if you can do it, i can do it too. >> i love what kyle said. we don't need super men or super women. here's the thing. if you are a mentor , you are a super man or a super woman.
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get back to your phone there. it's ringing. i think our call to action has worked. is our web site. you can go to the web site. there's a mentoring monday icon there. click on that. please call. 202-895-3307. and if for some reason you can't find the time to mentor, you can make a difference in an organization by making a donation. don't forget to consider that as well. we're going to try to get to that 300 mark by 10:00. i love the fact it's so loud. a couple of our operators have to cover up their ears. back to you. >> yes, we do. thank you. most of us are quick to pull out a credit card or pay for something. as of sunday, it will cost you more to use it. stores in most states will charge you a check out fee. stems from a settlement that was announced in july. range from 1.5% to 3% of the total
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purchase. the good news in this, the new fee does not apply to debit cards. unlocking your cell phone may be a little more difficult. it is now illegal to do so. a copy right exemption expired. cell phone users can be legally charged for such actions. unlocking a cell phone involves cracking the network code to give it access to other carriers. for example, a verizon iphone could be unlocked to make it compatible with a t-mobile network. >> there will be a big party today for the baltimore ravens. in just a few hours, they leave for the biggest game of the year. we've got a live report from their send off party straight ahead. >> sneak peak at this year's superbowl ads. we'll be right back. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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we're getting a taste of what's to come. taco bell released a teaser dubbed grandpa goes wild. an 87-year-old man can be seen trashing a football field with his high power scooter. what this has to do with tacos i don't know. but more than 420,000 hits. the average cost for a superbowl is $3.8 million. >> oh, my gosh. i haven't seen a taco yet. is that what powers him or something? >> i don't know. did make us laugh. >> a burger king fanatic has his way one last time. how his family honored his love for fast-food at his funeral. >> if you are looking for a job, get creative. interesting and clever resume you do not want to miss. dave? >> i'm confused by that taco we
9:23 am
will commercial. now there's a way for you to keep tabs of what's going on with local teams. join me to explain this new venture when fox 5 morning news continues in a moment.  [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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take a look at this picture. it's an unusual sight in pennsylvania. an 88-year-old man had it his way one last time. took the funeral precession through a burger king drive-thru. picked up 40 whoppers and buried him with one. he lived by his own rules and ignored warnings to adopt a healthier diet. his version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the whopper junior. >> he lived to be 88 right? >> didn't seem to hurt him. there you go. imagine if the whole funeral went through the drive-thru. come on. >> honking the horn. hurry up.
9:27 am
all right. you don't hear this too often, a french man's clever online resume has gone viral. built a web page that is a dead ringer for a product posted on you can add him to your car which brings up a contact form or airline ticket or running shoes. you can read his customer reviews that includes ex girlfriends. he is a web product manager hoping to land a new job and may even land a new girlfriend. >> great idea. well done. >> talk about creative. >> i love that. >> what's going out there today? >> you've got to be creative to navigate this weather today. a whole buffet of different things. light snow and freezing rain. take a look at our fox 5 accu weather radar shot.
9:28 am
a little bit of the pink stuff. the rest is all rainfall. fog kicking in as well with this. do be prepared. because you're certainly, navigate my way over to the weather wall here. you will be hampered in terms of visibility. this is getting out of the way slowly but surely. on and off not a wash out today. let's go to our maps and we still have a winter weather advisory in affect until 10:00 a.m. garret county, maryland a winter storm warning an inch of snow and quarter inch of ice. temperatures playing a big part. currently 34 at dc. 32 at gaithersburg. 32 at cumberland and 30 at hagerstown. here's a look at what's going on. high pressure pushing way off the coast. low pressure system with a warm front. going to stall out over the midatlantic into your tuesday.
9:29 am
we have warmer air pushing up as well. we are talking warmer day as we move through into your tuesday. dry day on tuesday. wednesday is even warmer. can you believe low 60s after being into the 30s? a chance of seeing thunder storms. we'll watch that as well. here's future cast. take a look at pushing forward. by noon today pretty much in the clear. wet weather to the north and to the west of us. spotty shower pops up as we get the 5:00, 6:00 hour. bare that in mind for your evening commute. and into the evening hours not a whole lot happening except the clouds and fog to be sticking around. 41 for today. for tonight, we're going down to 38, overcast, breezy. a possible spotty shower could pop up. dry conditions tomorrow warming up to 55 degrees. wednesday is the day we hit into the low 60s.
9:30 am
61 degrees. a variance in these temperatures. upper 50s to the low 60s and a little warmer. we have a strong frontal system coming in. that's setting us up wednesday afternoon for thunder storms. after that, ridge of high pressure builds in. very dry. no shortage of sunshine. friday today, we could possibly see snow showers before we're back to sunshine again. let's check back in with sarah. >> all right. thanks. it is a one stop shop for everything. capitols, wizards and mystiques related. takes fans behind the scenes where you can learn more about the team. >> it'sass to events at the verizon center. dave ross is back to learn more about this network. >> hey, tony. so true. if you want to stay in tune with everything going on at the verizon center then you need to check out monumental sports and entertainments. the man who helped launch this new network. thank you very much for coming
9:31 am
in today. >> appreciate you having me. miserable outside. >> tell us what this new endeavor is. >> monumental network is for all of the original programming. all of our blog ands photo galleries and now all of our original shows can be found on this brand new, very professional high quality platform. >> when they access the site what do they have to do? >> go on your computer, type in the url and you'll find all of our exclusive video from both the monumental teams as well as all of our entertainment options and concerts that come to the arena. >> tell us about the concept of this. what was the concept for this? >> you know, the market for sports rights and sports media has changed. >> yes, it has. >> really just the past five
9:32 am
years. you see sports rights blowing out the roof on some of these contracts. we also realize the need to adapt to create a new -- we want to be part of a media company and not just a company that owns franchises and pieces of real estate. >> is this a way kind of forward thinking as we move forward in the digital era, it's not just about flipping on the tv? another way people can access their teams. >> absolutely. we spent extra money making this web site mobile, compatible and tablet compatible. my dad talks about living in a three screen universe and this is what this is about. >> when i see the nfl network and what they've done, we have fox ads and nbc. do you see a day you will be watching the wizards, caps and mystiques on this network? >> it's hard to say.
9:33 am
certainly, we envision having those rights at some point in the future. i think that's far away in the future. television is still the premiere medium it watch sports on. but certainly online coverage of the teams is growing. and we want to be ahead of that curve. >> could you go to this web site and if you wanted to discuss what's going on with the caps, you can have interactive chats? >> yup. as the network grows, we're really trying to double it. new features and new chat cape abilities. fans can go and participate with each and learn about things they wouldn't be able to. >> tell us about the entertainment act for this. what about concerts and that sort of thing? >> when most people think about monumental they think about the caps, mystiques.
9:34 am
we also operate capler's ice plex. we have up to 50 concerts a year. previews, reviews. also got a new fan guide where we're going to be showing people where the best places to park are. >> which is always an issue. it's a great place to learn about the experience and really get in tune with what we're all about. >> give that web address again. >> >> thank you for coming in. good luck to the new endeavor. >> thank you. >> tony and sarah, back over to you. >> coming up next, theaters where phones are encouraged. >> a stop on the red carpet. find out who took home the top awards at the sag awards next in the buzz bin. you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. wx ah! woof! some things will. it was a grim weekend at the
9:38 am
box office. the r rated fairy tail took the top spot. the other new openings bombed. the jennifer lopez action parker opened in 5th place according to this with $7 million. movie 43 which got awful reviews earned $5 million. came in 7th place. hollywood rolled out the red carpet again this time for the 19th annual screen actor's gild awards. boosting oscar chances. other winners included ann hathoway, daniel day lewis and tommy lee joins for best supporting actor. both film and tv winning best drama series
9:39 am
cast. >> current leah addicted to that show. love it. love it. you don't have to turn off your smart phones at a growing number of theaters. just as long as you are in the tweet seats. the providence performing art theater is a small number of seats for people who promise to live tweet during the performance. even reports of cast members tweeting from backstage. i guess they see it as a promotion. unless you are saying gosh this is horrible. >> they'll check the tweets i'm sure. start your week off by helping someone in need. holly is live where volunteers are taking calls for this year's mentoring monday. update straight ahead. >> plus, these pups are in need of a good home. they are so cute, aren't they? can you find some room? meet them coming up after the break. we'll be right back.  oh!
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bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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>> 9:42. you have time to lend a hand to someone in need. >> this morning holly is in studio b where mentoring monday is well underway. a lot of calls have come in. we hope to keep coming in. >> we do. right now i was looking down the line here. i have four people on the phone and three people that are waiting to be called. that's your cue. call. you can talk to someone about your opportunity to be a mentor. and that really is a key word. this is an opportunity for you to give something back and make a difference. erin harris is with concerned black men. you've been here all morning. how has it been on the phone? >> phones have been picking up. what we need is a push for donations, for men fors. we need men mentors.
9:44 am
we've had a ton of young ladies call. the need is too great for us to sit by and not pick up these phones. >> i'm going to ask you quick questions. quick answers. here we go. what is a mentor? >> someone who provides support to a young person. almost just like a coach. >> how much time is it going to take for me to be a mentor? >> every one of these organizations is flexible. for some it's 8 hours, for some is 2 hours. >> do i need special skills? >> you don't need special skills. one thing everyone up here will go through put you through training and shadow to see how other mentors see. >> what exactly am i going to do? >> provide a support system for young people to make them as successful as they want to be. >> when do i meet with my men tee? >> you can do after school, during school, weekends. very flexible schedules. just show up and be consistent.
9:45 am
>> where do i meet? >> at their school, after school, you can go to their home. you can take them on trips. a number of different ways. >> where are these programs? >> some are in schools. we are in prince georges county public schools. we're in southern prince georges county. we're all over the area. if you are a mentor in different areas, we can service you as well. >> do i have to be screened? >> yes, most of these programs go through background checks. even if you have something a small scrap on your record, does not mean you are not able to be a mentor. we'll do a screening right after that but you will go through a background check. >> what if i get teamed up with a child and the child doesn't like me everything is flexible. the goal is for you to have a workable relationship. if one thing doesn't workout, believe you me, we can partner you up with another young man.
9:46 am
>> what if i don't necessarily care for the child? >> we ask you have a lot of patience you have to develop that relationship to begin with. >> what ages of children am i going to be working with? >> for our program, we work with middle schoolers ages 11 to 15. >> how long does it take to get matched? >> the matching process is two to three weeks. application process, go through your background check screening. after that go to the schools and start shadowing. >> erin, you have the job. you answered all of the questions. in listening to your answers, this is one of the things i like that you said most. we ask that you listen. and don't you think for a lot of these young people they don't feel like they've been listened to. that's the only skill you need is the ability to listen to the kids.
9:47 am
>> that's the one thing i say the most. you have to listen , you have to listen. a lot of these young people have no one in their lives that are going to listen. you may be the only ears that listen to them all month. >> how quickly do you see usually in a young person's life that a difference is starting to be made in their life when they enter into a mentor relationship? >> the impact is immediate. you may not see the impact in the academics. sometimes that takes a little bit longer. most of our programs are voluntary programs. these kids don't have to be there. they show up because they want the support. you can see the look on their face. they are telling you about what happened over the weekend. what they did on a field trip. first thing they talk about early in the morning. the impact is immediate. >> have you been a part of this before? >> no, ma'am. this is the first time. >> i think next time to add to our telethon, we need a live music what do you think? >> i think we can work that in. >> i don't know. i'm just thinking.
9:48 am
listen, here's what you need to think about. don't take too much time. be a mentor today. 202-895-3307 is the number. these phone lines even though we go off the air until 10:00, they will stay open in the 11:00 a.m. if you can't get on the phone go to we have a link to mentoring monday and go through the process online. don't forget also they are accepting donations and men, we need you. back to you in the studio. >> all right, holly. thank you so much. time for this morning's pet project. and we have two adorable pups up for adoption. melanie and lisa join us along with cherry and sparky. this one is sparky, let me tell you. >> spunky. >> thanks so much for coming in. we introduced the dogs to talk about the dogs first. tell us how old they are and where they would be best placed i guess. >> sparky we believe is a
9:49 am
boarder collie mix. he's about 9 weeks old. probably be between 40 and 50 pounds. probably will do best in an active home. they are a herding breed. an active family, fenced in yard. these are energetic dogs. and also keep them entertained and stimulated mentally. >> you have cherry over there. >> cherry's a dotson chihuahua mix. little less active than sparky. and she's house trained and she's good on a leash. she probably will be best in a house with children that are a little older only cause she's so small. >> a lot of people adopt a pet and you love to feed your pets table scraps and things like that. as we're getting close to valentine's day and everybody has chocolate in the house, that is a big no-no for pets. tell me why and plus other things we
9:50 am
shouldn't be feeding them probably. >> chocolate for sure. there's grapes in raisins . any kind of nuts, avocado. even yeast people don't know in bread. a lot of things like that. >> some of that stuff can be fatal. >> it can. cause kidney damage and heart failure. you want to stick to feeding your dog dog food or treats that are from a pet store. you just don't know what kind of ingredients that could be in it that could be harmful. >> tell me too you have an event coming up. or maybe somebody who wants to adopt these two cuties could come in and adopt them. they may go quickly. >> once they go through our approval process, we have our events to meet the dogs. events coming up this weekend at bark.
9:51 am
he's ready. and we have two events on the 9th. one is called cupids and k 9s. that is on the 9th. as well as an adoption event at the pikes bark. meet your match and the dogs available. >> meet your new love. >> and learn about the rescue and how we work. >> tell us more about that. how you're different from some others or what is your process. >> we are an all breed rescue. one of the things we pride ourselves on is we're not breed specific. our approval process is don't do on the spot adoption. need to go through approval process. prescreen interview and home inspection. we don't want the dogs to go back to the same place they came from. we want to make sure they go through our process and get approved. >> lisa and melanie, thank you
9:52 am
for coming. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely. also we want to share with you today our pet of the day. so take a look at pia the pug. three years old and owner says she loves the snow and cuddling in laps. >> aren't they big lap dogs? yeah. so adorable. big thanks for sharing this photo. if you would like your pet to be featured as pet of the day, send photo or video at >> all right. cherry and sparky are adorable too. coming up, a famous face is joining the nats line up. the team officially announced 5th racing president. here we go. look at him william howard taft. and he is going to join abe lincoln, thomas jefferson and george washington. he will be called bill for short.
9:53 am
throughout the very first pitch in april 1910. he'll race alongside the other former presidents during the 4th inning of every nats home game. it's a good line up. >> are you constantly on your phone or computer and watching tv at the same time? or maybe you are trying to hold a conversation while using another device. a new study has eye opening results. >> you are not even going to notice you are bad at it. >> that's the irony behind a study published this week at the university of utah. researchers already knew texting and driving is a bad combination. >> texting is off the charts. we've never found anybody who can do that safely. >> new study finds talking or driving is just too tough. >> we've got a situation we're trying to do too much with the
9:54 am
mental hardware we have and we don't do it well. >> and the study found those who think they are good do it the most. but are the worst at it. 70% of the participants rated themselves as good multi taskers. >> they are the least capable to do it. the people who don't do it probably would be better at doing it but have this self awareness to know even they aren't good at it. >> the study found no difference between men and women. the worst you'll be at it. >> the better multi taskers are the people who are not systematically answering their phone every time it rings or checking their e-mail. they can kind of cue it up and not become a slave to technology. >> researchers say multi taskers tend to be more immaterial pull sieve and sensation seeking. fox news, utah. >> all right. thank you very much. earlier i just want to mention we had mentioned we were going to have a story from the
9:55 am
preps for the ravens going to the superbowl. can't bring you that story today. we will be back with more in just a moment. stay with us. with us.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
a chance of seeing thunder storms on wednesday. definitely keep your eyes to the skies and dry conditions after that. a few flurries by the time we hit friday. temperatures start to drop. >> send you off with a feel good story. a 9 year old chicago girl is being hailed a hero after she stopped a car when her mother went into a diabetic coma. the car went into a ditch near some trees. she snapped a photo of a business and sent it to her father who was able to tell the family her location. she stayed calm, turn the car off, and fed her mom chocolate and is says she wants to be a paramedic. >> she's well on her way. >> we want to thank all of our mentoring groups who have come in this morning. even though we're going off the air, the phone bank stays active until 11:00 this morning. we thank all of you who have called in to mentor a young person. it will be a


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